Park #1: Candlestick

I suppose it all began with an “accidental” trip to Candlestick Park on a random Mother’s Day when I was about 10.  For whatever reason, my Dad thought it would be fun to go to Giants game for Mother’s Day.  I don’t especially think that’s what my Mom had in mind when we set out that day, but us kids didn’t care.

I wish I could say that this game set me off on my quest, but I can’t.  I know I had fun, but it was forgettable (though probably not for my Mom for a slew of other reasons), just another family Sunday outing, one of many, and many more to come.

If I had to pick one indelible memory of that game day – it was the wind. Howling and cold – that is Candlestick to me (

But, the wind and occasion aside…it was still the first.


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