The Power of One…



I recently had the pleasure of catching an episode of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” ( on HBO that really made me smile!

The quick recap: Boston teen takes a huge interest in the Nego Leagues, and begins to hunt down players of the era.

But, it’s not just in effort to collect autographs or souvenirs or for any other selfish reasons.  His “research” has validated their years of play, and, for some, they are not able to collect long-lost pension checks that they never were eligible for because they weren’t able to prove their years of play.

His name is Cam Perron, and his passion is amazing.  If you have a chance, read this article to fully appreciate his dedication and the time and commitment that he has brought to these players….!

Just a feel-good story…and we just don’t see enough of those as of late!



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