About ‘The Girl’

I’m a girl who loves baseball.

I didn’t play softball. I didn’t inherit my passion from my father. I can’t spew out statistics and I don’t have “a team.” Still, my plan was to visit all 30 Major League baseball parks in the League.  I don’t have a timeline, deadline or “plan of attack,” but I wanted to get it done in about two seasons and just take them as they come and enjoy the travels — and the people I met — along the way.

My passion for the game is simple – it’s family, history, drama all in Technicolor. I love the basics…the green grass, the brown dirt, and the blue skies (which is why I’m not a fan of domes) – the colors all seem to “pop” at the ballpark. Lacking any athletic ability, I marvel over those that do and, that on any given day, in any of those 30 parks across the country (and Canada), records could be made, will be made, will be broken, or in some cases, shattered.

For the most part, I went it alone – which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy the occasional travel partner – but solo travel ensured certain things. I was always on time. I was always in my seat to enjoy the National Anthem. I always rooted for the home team at each new ball park.  I happily pay for great seats. I never leave before the seventh-inning stretch and I always swing by the souvenir shop to pick up my obligatory magnet and, when so inspired (like I was with Albert Pujols), will buy a jersey to celebrate the greats! I’m a food purist and will enjoy a hot dog and soda, despite the other “signature” culinary trappings of each city – to me, nothing but a “dog” will do.

I make no excuses for my preferences or dislikes, or my random reasoning, because at the end of the day, it’s a “game,” and I chose to play the “chase” by my rules.

And, I won!  In September 2012, I visited my last park in Houston. Oddly enough, it was a bit bittersweet.  On one hand, I was thrilled…so excited that I had completed a baseball “tour de force” in less than two years after returning from Japan.  And, on the other, I was also sad. What would occupy my time? What would drive me during the subsequent seasons?  Thankfully, I reasoned that it wasn’t an end of my tour, but the beginning of another chance to re-visit some of my favorite parks…any park, for no reason, other than the sheer love of the game.

I still am a girl who loves baseball…and some days…most days…it loves me back!

With comments, please email: “The Girl” (aka Linda) at agirlandthegame@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “About ‘The Girl’

  1. I love this Linda…. So very jealous, though you should stay until the very last out is made….. You just never know……….. Jason Greig

    • Jason – thanks so much! You are absolutely right. I do stay until the very last out if I can (and I don’t have a plane to catch) – because that’s the beauty of baseball (and most sports for that matter) – they aren’t over until they are over! Thanks for reading!

  2. To the girl who loves baseball, great read. You’re living my dream that I too hope to complete one day. I saw the pass port on the MLB site this morning and will have to purchase it. Very cool !!! Can you tell me more about the pass port stamps? I saw that you could purchase all park stamps for about nine bucks and then just have the pass port page validated during each different park visit. I assume each gift shop has at a minimum the stamp for that area. Looking forward to reading more from you as your adventure continues….Buddy Walker

    • Hey Buddy,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      The stamps are just an added “bling” to each page, but do make the Pass-port even more that special. I have been, on occasion, the FIRST person to visit a park with the book, and some of the guest relations people have no clue about where to get the stamp, but when I report back to Mr. Parks, he usually manages to remedy that.

      The best shot is to go to the MAIN souvenir shop, they are now carrying the stamp (at least that is what I’m finding).

      I am a bit behind in getting my last four parks posted, but I only have Oakland, Toronto and Houston left, and it appears that Houston will be my last (before I head back to Miami and NYC to see the new versions of the “old” ones I saw).

      Keep at it – it’s a great thing!

      Cheers and safe travels,

  3. Thx for the tips Linda. I’ll be waiting for your updated trip logs. Be safe and take care, Buddy

    • Thanks Buddy! I am taking a break this month from baseball park travel (although, I will be watching the Nats take on the Yankees tomorrow here in DC, so that will be great)! I will be in Oakland on 7/2, Toronto on 7/28 and then only Houston to schedule! I appreciate the interest, truly!


  4. Linda,
    I am also on the same quest to see all of the ball parks. So far I have been to 14 of them, but need to revisit 3 that have been replaced. Many of the trips have been birthday or Father’s Day gifts planned by my wife with help from our two kids. My goal is to attend 1-2 per year with my wife until the quest is complete. We are big Atlanta Braves fans; my wife watches more of the games than I do! Her favorite Mother’s Day gift is to go see the Braves play! I look forward to hearing that you have finished your goal!
    Bill Via

    • Dear Bill,

      Thank you for the comment and sharing your quest with me! I have completed my goal – just this past Friday – but I am a bit behind in my posting!

      It was in Houston, and was an amazing night!

      I love that you and your wife can do this together – that’s always great to find someone that is as excited about the travels as you are!

      Please let me know if you have any questions!

      All the best and safe travels,

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