I did the Monster Mash!

Back in 2005, I made a spur of the moment trip to see Fenway Park (http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/bos/ballpark/index.jsp).  It was, quite possibly, one – if not the first trip – I had ever made alone for pleasure, and really spurred my thirst for travel (company be damned), and my love of the game. 
I remember EVERYTHING about that trip…why I went (an article on Albert Pujols in Sports Illustrated started it all; http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/cover/featured/10338/index.htm), what I did the day I booked the trip (it was Prom Night for Amber, Lareina’s daughter), what my Mom said when I called her at 6 a.m. (“You’re going to Boston to see a Monster?), where I ate (Union Oyster House, where they invented the toothpick, http://www.unionoysterhouse.com/</a>), and who was playing the Sox (the Yankees)!  Magical, I thought! 
So, this time, looking for a reason to return, I “went big” and purchased a ticket in the famed “Green Monster” seats! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Monster).  Ironically, it’s an outfield seat…but a historical one, so I thought it worth the “green” to sit in the “Green Monster.”  I had an amazing time, coupled with an overnight stay in one of my favorite sister hotels, and, I was thrilled with my weekend getaway.  The Red Sox swept the series, and on the Sunday game, Mariano Rivera pitched his last game there.  I wish I would have been there for that, but I was happy with my little slice of history the Monster gave me on that day! 
Here are some pictures from my trip – take a peak: http://tinyurl.com/kdcjnsh.
It's Official!

It’s Official!


Wise words for sure!

Wise words for sure!


#8 – Fenway Park (a.k.a, The Green Monster)

Thankfully, there are some parks visits I remember with perfect clarity…this is one of those parks!

On May 20, 2006, I was on the treadmill at the gym reading an article on Albert Pujols and his “perfect swing.”  I cut my workout short and decided, “I’m going to St. Louis to see Albert Pujols hit a home run.”  But, when I got home and looked up their schedule, the Cards were playing the Giants IN San Francisco.  I lived in Redwood City, CA, at the time, so, logistically, this was a godsend, but I wanted to see him IN St. Louis!

So, I sat, and pondered another park I wanted to see – of course, I wanted to see Fenway!  As luck would have it, they were at home playing the Yankees.  In less than two hours, I cashed in airline miles for a ticket leaving the following day, found a ticket to the game on Craigslist that I could retrieve at the Will Call box, and booked a room at a Doubletree Hotel (love their cookies) near the metro – I was good to go!

So, the next day, I was up at the crack of dawn on my way to SFO. I called me Mom to tell her where I was going, and in her half-asleep state said, “You’re going where? To see a Monster?”

By now, my parents have grown somewhat accustomed to my last-minute-random-solo jaunts, and just said, “Call me when you get there.”

So I got into town, checked into the hotel and then set out for a walkabout.  I had been to Boston once before and thought it was a beautiful city, and especially “user friendly.”  Thank god for that Freedom Trail – it’s like a tour map for dummies – just follow the red line!

I did just that and called my family as I walked by Paul Revere’s House and The Old North Church.  I ate lunch at the Union Oyster House (the restaurant that apparently invented the toothpick; http://www.unionoysterhouse.com/) and then reported to Fenway for my ballpark tour.  It was beautiful – so steeped in history, and curses and everything in between (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fenway_Park). 

I had met a couple at the restaurant and even volunteered to take their picture with some giant lobsters, only to get to my seat at game time — three rows from the field along the first base line, closer to right field — and finding that my “friends” from the restaurant were sitting a few rows over…classic!

Sadly, the Yankees won that day. But, the trip was perfect.  I still had Albert Pujols on the brain, but that would have to wait for another trip, another time.