Standing in the Hall of Fame…

I crossed off another item off my baseball “bucket list” with a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF; in Cooperstown, NY. (

What an amazing place in an even more amazing setting. The HOF is by far the main attraction in the area, along with DoubleDay Field (the birthplace of baseball,, but the bucolic city had such an allure, that I found myself just wandering the main street, visiting the many shops and chatting with the locals. It had a “San Juan Bautista” feel (for you Northern Californians), complete with a corner bakery (that had yummy donuts…breakfast of champions). The Hall itself was a shrine to baseball royalty and so well presented. The dioramas and exhibits were first class, and so rich in legend and the game’s past and future. The best part was the “Wall of Fame,” with all of the inductees’ plaques along the wall…wow, if those plaques could talk, the things they would say!

Leave no less than two days to really do the area justice. One complete day for the HOF (a day and a half, if you are the sort of person who likes to read every word of every exhibit), and then another day for to take in a game at Doubleday Field, and to enjoy the city of Cooperstown, especially some fish and chips at Alex & Ika (…you’ll be glad you did!

Here is a handful of pictures from my trip…hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them (