Park #28 – Target Field (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

This was the ballpark that nearly wasn’t…thanks to Delta Airlines. 

On May 26th, and after a multitude of human and aeronautical failings, I arrived in Minneapolis more than two hours after the start of the game.  The Twins were playing Detroit, and I caught the action at the top of the 6th inning.  To say I was exasperated was an understatement.  Thankfully, Mother Nature was playing for my team, and the skies opened up to create a rain delay at the top of the 7th inning, giving me time to sort of breathe and explore the park during the game delay. 

I had, for some odd reason, less than desirable seats, but they were covered, so I was able to sit down and take in the views for a bit even while the rain delay suspended play – for the first time all season, I was thankful that I didn’t have seats behind home plate!

I made my way to guest services to get my Passport Book ( stamped.  Like with several parks before this one, they had no idea where their stamp was, or if they even had one.  I waited for Chuck to call Patrick who was the person “in the know.”  While I waited, Chuck took pity on me and my crazy travel day and prepared a “swag bag” as a good will gesture!  I have to say, he did lift my spirits…just because he cared enough to try!  Patrick finally arrived only to tell me that he didn’t have the stamp, but would be happy to take my page and send it back to me.  I looked at him with great hesitency…but he PROMISED that he would return it with the needed stamp.  How could I question him…he had an honest and sincere face?  (Note: After a few weeks, he did, in fact, send it back with the stamp, just as he promised.)

The rain finally let up, and I grabbed bite and retreated to my seat just in time to enjoy “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” followed by “Proud to be an American,” by Lee Greenwood…a nice “two-fer” I thought!

This wasn’t a good day for the Twins, as they fell to the Tigers with a score of 3-6, but the game ended on a sunnier note and clear skies.  Though this was the shortest time I had spent at a park, and the first time I had missed the National anthem and other usual ballpark rituals, I felt that I was still able to get a good look around (thanks to the rain delay).

I was impressed with the special room set aside for mother’s to breast feed, a nice touch (not that I’ve ever needed one, but, this was the first park that had it readily visible and heavily utilized).  There was a brick building out way past the right field that reminded me of Camden Yards, I liked that touch, but wasn’t much a fan of the buildings that were closer to the field that seemed plain and a bit unattractive. 

I left, still feeling a bit cheated (still wished I had seen the Kirby Puckett statue), but glad I got to see, what I saw.  The next day, I would head to Pittsburgh and hope for better travel and a full day at PNC Park!

Target Field…First view

Target Field

Target Field


Kent Hrbek Statue


My last image…when the skies weren’t so ominous!